Assessing Lifestyle – Lifestyle Mop Up

Bombarded on facebook… Sorry been away catching up. I have a point that I think the lifestyle mop up program truly identify’s it is this…Often we assess lifestyle on the wrong basis… Someone may have a body shape you are completely envious of, “she looks fantastic”… But.. Does she relax?; Does she eat well? Or is she running on just lucky genetics, stress or both. Maybe she’s just skinny fat. Skinny fat??? Her shape in general looks fine; you look at her a little closer maybe some skinfolds and identify although she looks like 18% body fat she comes up as 32%. How is that? No weight training (resistance training including body weight exercises) will equate to a lack of lean tissue your metabolic enabler. What this also leads to is; osteoporosis; and a myriad of other health conditions. Also who wants a girl that can’t help you move house anyway! “I will just carry the laundry items”. … Gee “Thanks”.