WTF Nutrition (ufit australia)

WTF Nutrition (ufit australia) ….. Just had an idea to start pointing out the obvious how eating has become such an advertisers dream & at times an absolute crock of shit….. I noticed this about a month ago & just rediscovered it on my computer read on………
Down at mum and dad’s & we’ve just had an interesting discussion about knowing/reading what you are buying…. The displayed photo of sweet potato super frie’s looking so fresh and healthy is an absolute joke…. Sweet potato chips with only 76% sweet potato WTF…… other ingredients listed in order of quantity canola oil, tapioca starch, rice flour, potato starch, sea salt, corn starch, corn fibre, baking powder, sugar, dried carrots, dehydrated sweet potatoes, natural flavour, natural colours (150b, 160b). But it’s sweet potato

WTF Nutrition Ufit Australia