Unknowingly knowing

Through conversations initiated with some  of my 12 week challengers followed up with more conversation of a completely different nature  (& crowd) last night….  But, with the same reasoning of awareness.   Many times in situations of health (& life) we know our OWN answer to be RIGHT we feel it in our gut (sometimes blatantly our body’s physiology tells us a food,  exercise, personal situation is not correct for US) . Sometimes we seek the wrong advice (unknowingly) & sometimes knowingly.  UNKNOWINGLY because sometimes you have to make your own mistakes & pick up your shit (at times) & get on with it (LEARN).  KNOWINGLY (at times) we choose the approach of the NIEVE  or “it’s not my fault it’s your fault” approach. Take home message listen to your gut & physiology first & foremost ask ? later & if your going to ask ???   make sure those answers are seeked from the right source or person.

That moment