Watching American Pie Reunion Got me all sentimental

You can find thousands of excuses almost 100’s (just checking if you reading)…  Fact is sometimes we try, sometimes we don’t try hard enough, long enough or we just are plain lazy.  Sometimes we blame others for our predicament or just plain settle for mediocre.  There’s nothing wrong with mediocre but if you wish for more there’s shit loads wrong with it.  Sometimes we feed our kids chicken nuggets knowing they are shit but think that’s an easy meal (sometimes guilty as charged).   Sometimes we think 3 days ahead instead of 3 years.   But!  There’s always a but, like my martial arts instructor said to me when I was a young lad “Live life with no regrets for tomorrow is another day”… Thanks Glen Rushton 18 years later I still remember your name.  See that’s called an impact.   How many young people are you impacting today.  .  Fuck I’m getting old.  I’m talking about impacting young people (shot me).  Plus tonight in a boot camp I said this next generation are lazy as hell WTF.