Caveman 2012 – Ufit Australia

Ufit Australia caveman 2012 dusted….  A great weekend was had by all from apparent feedback & everyone survived unscathed with all limbs still attached.  The basis of the weekend truly was to get like minded lads together mix in some nutrition & exercise education force them to cook & get on with it.   Ladies if anyone that attended doesn’t get their butt in the kitchen force them.  The meals cooked up by the three teams on Saturday in Noosa tasted fantastic & had all the makings of spot on nutrition.  The adventure was plentiful and fitness based with a fun gun ho enthusiasm.  We travelled all over the Sunshine Coast from mountains to rivers to forests and hills we even  did things that we may not speak of…   But, the goal for all the men was to make positive steps for themselves & take responsibility for their own health….  So ladies step out of the kitchen & make room for their aprons (although some of the proclaimed they wished to cook nude at home).  To the lads thank you very much for the enthusiasm shown on the weekend I am forever grateful.   Ryan (Peter is there any

poetry in this at all?)