About UFIT Australia

Ufit Australia are BIG promoters in getting fit, through group training! Why do we love our bootcamps and training in a group environment? It’s great for a number of reasons and here are just a few, should you need a little convincing when it comes to getting started …

  • You aren’t training on your own – so we think you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals, amongst like minded individuals.
  • Routine! We try to make it as simple as we can for you to attend our bootcamps with an online timetable that is updated regularly with all that you need to know. We want you to be able to plan your week NO FUSS – we believe that the key to your fitness is consistency!

  • Get the proper technique! One of our personal trainers will be working alongside you to deliver the BEST results as well as the perfect technique!
  • To boost your self esteem with loads of encouragement and we keep things FUN! We know that by keeping your workout fresh and FUN you are less likely to count the clock and more likely to keep attending our bootcamps on the top of your agenda when it comes to your fitness!
  • Our bootcamps will keep fit and healthy, reducing your body fat and increasing your energy levels!

  • Ufit Australia’s personal trainers and fellow bootcampers are there to push your workout one step further each and every session!  This becomes a great motivator when it comes to your fitness, allowing you to constantly improve on your times and efforts!
  • You will be getting a full body workout each and every session and we guarantee that you will burn more calories in one of our bootcamps than in a gym environment!