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Ufit Australia Bootcamps

Ufit Australia offers a wide range of alternatives to working out in the gym. We strive to give you constant variations to your workout, maximizing your fitness levels – rewarding you with the fitness results you are chasing.

The benefits of participating in Ufit Australia’s bootcamps are limitless!

Every bootcamp is instructed by one of our military fit personal trainers and no bootcamp is ever designed to be intimidating or ‘too hard’, instead is designed to give you a fun and effective training session that will get you FIT!


The Sunshine Coast Becomes Your Backyard To Training!

Ufit Australia is all about creating the perfect environment and adapting to the changing seasons of the Sunshine Coast, so YES we offer training all year round!

Ufit Australia is pleased to offer more outdoor training sessions each quarter and is always expanding to NEW locations over the Sunshine Coast!

So make sure you keep up to date with all of our brand new changes throughout 2015 – we are bound to be in an area near you!

Got More Questions? Here’s Some Answers

Absolutely! Ufit Australia bootcamps welcome and encourage everyone, at any fitness level to come along and participate.

We know that you have to start somewhere, and we want you to make your ‘somewhere’, to start with us!

Our outdoor group sessions are tailored to your individual fitness level – starting with beginner to the more advanced.
Ufit pride themselves on their high quality sessions by focusing on the correct skills and technique always enhancing and improving your fitness levels.

This allows you to get the most out of each and every bootcamp!.

Through consistent fitness evaluations that are offered on two scheduled sessions, bi-monthly as a vital way of marking your progression.

These scheduled evaluations are predominately body weight based, so there is no need to be scared!

Ufit Australia sees the importance of these bootcamps because we know that you are more likely to stick to a fitness regime that is tailored to your fitness ability!

As a simple way to track your fitness level and progress along the way, Ufit Australia issues you with a coloured wrist band marking your fitness level.

So whether you are starting off at a beginner level, intermediate or elite – this becomes an easy way to measure and identify with a group and work alongside those of a similar fitness level.

Ufit Australia take great pride on getting the most out of each of your training sessions, the team is constantly striving for a better, fitter and healthier YOU!

Yes, of course you can. We’d love you to join in on the fun! So it is time for you to check out our current timetable and find a session that fits with you.

Click on this link FREE TRIAL PASS to attend your first bootcamp for free!

If you still have some questions, you can navigate through this page to find all that you need to know. Alternatively, you can email us or call through any enquiries to our helpful team on 0421 990 905.

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