You Will Be Improving Your Fitness
As Well As Ironing Out Your Eating Habits
Creating A Better, Fitter And Healthier YOU!

What is Kickstart 21?

KICKSTART 21 is about staying consistently focused on your training and nutrition for 21 consecutive days.

The benefits of signing up to KICKSTART 21 are endless, not only do you train alongside a group of fun and like-minded individuals (from beginner level to the more advanced)


What do I Get?

You will have access to a private facebook group that is managed by one of Ufit Australia’s exceptional personal trainers.

The online support gives everyone the opportunity to share fitness tips and nutritional ideas along the way.

It then becomes a useful tool in connecting the group, developing the perfect buddy system that will keep you on track for the duration of the 21 days.

What do I Need?

A pair of sneakers, a water bottle, towel and a good attitude!

The 21 Days Include:

  • Unlimited bootcamp sessions – with KICKSTART 21 tailored sessions. These sessions will be marked clearly on the timetable keeping the group connected.
  • An e-book upon sign up containing nutritional information and lifestyle tips to keep you on track for the 21 days and beyond.
  • A nutritional talk to be held in the first week
  • Access to an online facebook group keeping you connected throughout the entire 21 days. This page is constantly monitored with nutritional ideas, blogs, recipes and little challenges along the way!
  • Fitness assessment on day 1 – and again to measure your improvements on day 21 (you’ll be surprised at how BIG your changes can be).
  • Family fun day to celebrate your finish!.

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