What is Kokoda?

Ufit Australia has had the pleasure of taking scheduled groups to Kokoda, PNG since 2011. The team of Ufit Australia offers the opportunity for you to create your own private group to take on the trek or the availability to jump on board one of our organised groups.

So if this is adventure is one that has remained on your bucket list for quite some time, we would like to extend the offer to you, or any friends that may be interested in tackling this great adventure.


Will You Have Enough Time To Prepare?

I will host morning treks in the lead up and information nights along the way so that you are completely prepared.

The adventure of Kokoda is awesome!

I can’t begin to tell you how life changing it is.

Yes, all you need it a good base level of fitness, the ability to work alongside a team and willingness to have a little fun along the way.

You will have plenty of time to prepare for this trip and you will be supported by a program that will allow you to mark your fitness along the way.

If you are interested or would like to have a chat about it, give me a call on 0421 990 905 or private message me via facebook – UFIT Australia.


Ryan – Owner/Operator of Ufit Australia

Here’s A Behind The Scenes Look Of What To Expect?

Interested In Trekking Kokoda?

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