About Us

At UFIT Australia, we have 20+ years of training experience. We pride ourselves on being straight shooters, supportive and results-driven. We practice what we preach. We want you to learn and earn your results through education, skill, and self-awareness. A trusting, caring environment is what we
Hi, we are Ryan & April; we launched UFIT Australia at its current location in 2016. However, UFIT Australia was created in January 2003, initial in Brisbane and relocated to the Sunshine Coast Caloundra in 2007.
UFIT Australia is a by-product of our hard work, our love for the local community and our daily goal to assist people in developing a healthy lifestyle. We are a family of 5 kids of various ages. Between keeping a busy family life, we run our energetic business- from our Indoor & outdoor located gym,
the beaches of Currimundi lake, the pumping cycle room of Aprils and our numerous programs, events and destinations such as Kokoda; PNG and Nepal. We cram in a lot.

Our training programs provide


Your coach focuses on you and communicates how to get results fast.


Enjoy an approach that works around you. Where you are at today and what you want to achieve in the future with your personal coach.


Learn and understand how to get long lasting results.

Group Training

Our group training sessions meet you at your level. They are goal orientated, with a progressive conditioning approach. We chase consistent improvement and align our system with healthy living, movement and positive thinking being the priority. Our team only succeeds if you succeed.

Personal Training

Your trainer's role is to assess your strengths and assist you through any weaknesses. They provide guidance and monitor progress regularly, working with you to ensure results as fast as possible.

Online Training

Working 1-on-1 with a coach that knows where you are heading guarantees Results. Feel the comfort of starting at your level and progressing at the pace you set, and your coach holds you accountable. With True Coach online programming support, additional tracking apps, and access to our online zoom sessions, this brings the gym to you.

Our Coaches

Ryan O'Neal

April Hulbert