Kokoda, PNG

Kokoda is our first Love. Preparation is the utmost for this bucket list event. We want to make sure you take in and experience Kokoda with a smile and bath in the success of walking one of the world’s most demanding tracks. It is the basis and reasoning for developing our ‘200 days Out’ Program. This interactive online program will support people who take on adventure travel with UFIT Australia.


Beauty, culture, and people is the best way to describe Nepal. We complete numerous treks across Nepal that are both challenging and breathtaking. Snow-capped Himalayan Mountains and awe-inspiring scenery are what Nepal is about.

New Zealand, South Island

Fresh air, wild mountains and familiar comforts is how we explain NZ. We proper Road Trip flying into Christchurch and Road, tripping our way to Fiordland’s south-western corner of the South Island. Fiordland is dominated by the snow-capped Southern Alps, deep lakes, and steep, glacier-carved valleys.